portrait Jacqueline Sorel

Welcome to my website

I am a recorder maker and a professional recorder player. Since 1987 I have had my recorder-making workshop in the center The Hague, Holland.

Being a player myself, my approach towards instrument-making is based on the needs of the player in today's performance practice of early music. Therefore I aim for a rich sound and maximum flexibility in playing conditions within the possibilities of the recorder. I make instruments which invite the player to be active and creative in sound production. This as opposed to a different style of making, where the sound of the instrument is already there for you, the only thing you need to do is blow and it will work. Whether you blow in a lazy or active way, it doesn't matter really because on these instruments the sound is dictated to you. Easy, but for me not so interesting. My opinion is that if we want to take the recorder seriously, we will have to work for a good and/or our own sound, just as we have to do with no matter what other (wind)instrument.

I make my instruments after historical models found in museums and in private collections. I combine traditional craftsmanship with modern technology. For the client the advantage of direct contact with me as the maker of his instrument is evident: this contact enables me to fulfil the personal wishes of the player as much as possible. I consider helping you as an important part of my work, also after you have bought your instrument. Therefore you are always welcome with any problem or question you might have about your recorder. In principle revoicing and retuning work is free of charge and promptly done. My recorders are played by many musicians all over Europe, as well as in the U.S., South America and Japan.

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