There are basically two types of recorders that I make: Renaissance and Baroque instruments.

Instruments in Renaissance style are based on the Ganassi model, which have a wide range of more than two octaves. This model makes it possible to combine one head joint with two or three body joints for different pitches, so that you can play together with other instruments that are sometimes tuned in different pitches as well.

Instruments in Baroque style are based on the recorders made by famous instrument makers of the 18th century: Jacob Denner, Peter Bressan, Thomas Stanesby Sr., Engelbert Terton and Debey. Also these instruments are available in different pitches, adapted to the wishes of the player in the 21st. century.

Please select an instrument from the navigation bar on the left. I will tell you something about each instrument and you'll find the price with and without VAT there. Prices including VAT are valid for customers living within the EC. Prices without VAT are valid for customers living outside the EC.

All instruments are delivered with flute covers.

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