Baroque soprano recorder in C, A:415 Hz or A:440 Hz

Engelbert Terton (1676-1752) was born in Rijssen (The Netherlands). He probably studied instrumentmaking with Jan Jurriansz van Heerde. In Amsterdam he worked as a maker of recorders, flutes and oboes. Terton belonged to the leading wind instrument makers of Europe of his time.

The original soprano recorder is now in the collection of the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague. It is made of stained boxwood with beautiful silver ornaments at the bottom of the head and foot joints.

I have played this instrument and it still sounds marvellous.

This soprano recorder is very suitable for the music of the 18th century. Especially for solo concertos (by among others Baston, Sammartini, Vivaldi) and orchestral work (Charpentier, Händel). But also in smaller ensembles this soprano recorder is very suitable.

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