Baroque alto recorder in F, A:415 or A:392 Hz

Very little is known about the woodwind maker Debey. We do not even know if he is French or Belgian. Only three instruments have survived (1 alto recorder and 2 oboes).

The alto recorder is now in the collection of the Gemeentemeuseum in The Hague. It has been in the University of Utrecht for a long time. The instrument is made of stained boxwood and has the very remarkable pitch of A:415 Hz. The turning work is of excellent quality.

This recorder is an allround instrument. Compared with the Denner, which is an extrovert instrument, the sound of the Debey is warmer and a bit more melancholic. This is especially useful for French baroque music (like Hotteterre, Marais, Philidor), but because of its good playing characteristics it is also used for German and Italian chamber music.

I have chosen this model to scale it down to an alto in A:392 Hz. so now I also offer an alto in this pitch, especially for French baroque music.

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