Alto recorder in F, A:443 Hz

This model I have developed myself. It is derived from the Denner model I make. Although I call this instrument a student model, this is a high-quality instrument for all recorder players both amateur and professional. I made some modifications to it in order to make the instrument more accessable for everybody, and to make the production process easier. In this way the costs are lower and I can offer this instrument for a relatively low price. The pitch is A:443 because this makes it easier to play with other modern pitch instruments, like piano, flute, violin etc.

My aim was to make a good modern pitch alto recorder that is accessible for as many players as possible, from both a quality and a financial point of view. I have sold this type recorder to both amateurs and professionals. All of my clients who bought an instrument are happy, so I think I have achieved what I wanted to achieve.

The price includes one complete revision job after some time of playing, this will be arranged with the player individually. Revision is always possible of course, but after the first time there will be a charge depending on the work that needs to be done. I usually have a few of these recorders in stock so it might be worth to get in touch with me with any further questions you might have.

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