Guarantee and Service

Instruments are delivered with flute covers. For each instrument I give a recorder-life time guarantee on material and craftswork. Service work like revoicing, retuning etc. is free of charge at any time provided that you take good care of your instrument. Postage costs are yours however. I do not provide service work on instruments made by colleagues or factory instruments (except for placing thumb bushings).

Breaking in and maintenance

Exact information about instrument maintenance and sending instruments to me for rework will be sent to you at the delivery of your instrument. For exact information and about information on waiting times please contact me.


There is an increasing number of possibilities to let recorders being repaired by others. As a customer you are of course free to choose whoever you want to repair the instruments I made for you. But: if you choose to do so the guarantee I offer will expire. I will still do the repairs but then I have to charge.

I do not repair instruments made by other makers. Except putting thumb bushings.

Borrowing an instrument

If you would need an instrument before the delivery time of your own recorder, for instance for a concert, recital, audition, course, in principle I offer you the possibility of lending you a recorder of the model you ordered for that particular occasion; the sooner I know the better of course, as the number of instruments I have available for this purpose is limited.

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