Terms of delivery


If you would like me to make an instrument for you, please download the order form, fill it in with the exact details of the instrument you want and send it back to me by normal mail. For more information about current delivery times please contact me.


I ask a deposit of 10% of the price of the instrument (20% for special orders) of your choice. Please wait with the payment of the deposit until you have received an invoice for that. The payment of this deposit confirms your order (no deposit payed means no order!). In case you would cancel your order, for whatever reason, the deposit will only be payed back to you after you have found a new customer for your instrument, who was not yet on my waiting list. As soon as I have finished the instrument I will get in touch with you again and send you an other invoice, and when I have received the rest of your payment I will send you the recorder by insured mail. The price to be charged is the price at the time of ordering. Payment is only possible by bank transfer. Cheques will not be accepted. If there are problems with transferring the money, please contact me.


I only deliver my instruments abroad by OCS Courier Service. The costs are being payed by the customer directly to the courier when the recorder is being delivered. I can provide an indication about these costs.

I will of course be happy to answer any question you might still have after reading this information.
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