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I like to use a wide range of woods to make my instruments of. Boxwood of course, being the traditional wood for historical woodwind instruments, but also fruitwoods, maple and quite a large variety of other hardwoods, also named 'palissander' or rosewood.

Each wood has its own playing characteristics and I like to offer this variety of woods because one type of recorder made of let's say five different woods gives five possibilities! This matches my idea of making the instrument itself as flexible as possible: within the the very charming limits of the recorder I like to create as many possibilities as I can to satisfy the wishes and needs of the modern recorder player.

The choice for a wood for your recorder depends on all kinds of things: first of all the player should feel well with the wood. Then the question could be if you travel a lot with the instrument; if so boxwood might not be the wisest decision because it's not such a stable wood. Rosewoods are very stable in general, fruit woods and maple have a milder sound, and so on. To help you make your decision I am always available to give you further information and advise.

The different kind of woods can be divided into two groups: European woods and tropical woods. You can view pictures of them and a short explanation on this website.

But whatever wood you choose, they are always of the best quality and very carefully seasoned.

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